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Any type of the car is available. buses, trucks, dumps, wagons, vans, sports cars, etc.

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Q: How fast can you ship my car?
Most of our cars in the stock have already "Deregistration Documents" so we can start arranging the shipment next day we confirm your payment. Ocean Freight time will depend on the destination where you want to ship your car and may vary from several days to several months

Q: What shipping documents will I receive?
a) Bill of Lading
b) Customs Invoice
c) Japanese De-Registration Certificate (when applicable)
d) English translation of De-registration Certificate

Q: How do I find out shipping cost of car to my port?
To find out shipping cost of a car you need to multiply car shipping cost per cubic metre and export size of car you want to buy. You may find export size of cars in our stock list in export size column. Car shipping cost per cubic metre can be found on the Car Shipping Cost page. For example export size of Nissan Primera is 10.48 cubic metres in accordance with our stock list and car shipping cost to Port Durban (South Africa) is US$70.00 per cubic metre. This means that car shipping cost of Nissan Primera is 10.48*70 = US$734.00. Car shipping cost to some ports is set per unit. For example shipping cost of any car to port Manila (Philippines) is US$540.00. Some cars need to be transported in a container due to their condition or in the case when shipping to some ports possible only in a container.

Q: What is FOB price?
FOB is abbreviation of "Free on board". FOB price applies for all cars importes from Japan unless you come to our yards to take a car by yourself. FOB price includes FOB export arragements in Japan (export and customs documents, documents translation), delivery of car from yards to port and loading onto the ship. Our FOB charge is one of the lowest and is only US$467.00 for the car to be imported from Japan. In other words FOB price equals to car price plus US$467.00. FOB price does not include car shipping cost to your port.

Q: Can I pay by check or by credit card?
Unfortunately bank transfer (TT) is the only accepted payment method.

Q: What are the terms of payment?
All purchases must be paid in advance 100%.

Q: I cannot find pro forma invoice.
You need to order a car and choose terms of delivery. Then we will send you request to confirm your purchase. As soon as we receive your confirmation we will send you invoice by e-mail or by fax (at your request). Also you can find print version of invoice in member's area of this site after invoice is issued.

Q: How do I know I can trust you and pay you in advance 100%?
There is our company registration number on our Company Profile page. With this registration number you can confirm both our address and the fact that we are a legally registered and a legitimate company.

Q: I have a question. Whom may I ask?
First of all, read these frequently asked questions. It is possible that this question has been asked many times already and you will find an answer here. If you cannot find an answer for your question you may ask our managers or president using this online form. You may also phone to our office or send fax.

Q: I need a bumper and head lights for Toyota Vitz.
For the time being we trade parts only in bulk (20ft or 40ft container). Also we help our customers with parts when they buy vehicles from us. But please note, that we plan launch online web shop retailing auto parts very soon.

Q: What should I do to place an order?
First of all you have to register to obtain member's log in and password and after you log in as a member you can order a car. For the details how to order a car please check the page How to Order.

Q:Can I buy a car as a private car buyer?
Yes, but we are sorry we don't know the laws of your country regarding this.
We cannot offer advice how you use to acquire a car or introduce you to a car dealer.
Depending on the country, you may not be able to import some car models. You need to check your country's registration laws before you begin the purchasing process.

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